Bid Writing Services

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Please see useful guidance from ACEVO on choosing bid writers:

Please note that NCF will not write any bids where the application is to one of the funds advertised on our website, unless NCF has no involvement in the administration or decision making process.

The Service

NCF will provide a contracted bid writing service using experienced local professionals to support the development and sustainability of Nottinghamshire charities and social enterprises.


NCF will offer the service on either :

A For groups with an income of under £200,000 pa minimum bid size £1,000

  • 1. A fixed price contract at a daily rate of £400 per day where 50% of the price is payable in advance as a non returnable deposit. (example bid for £50,000 – estimated time at £400 per day = 2 days. 50% = £400 deposit, £400 payable upon submission – total cost £800)

B For groups with an income of over £200,000 pa – minimum bid size of £5,000

  • 1. A fixed price contract at a daily rate of £500 per day where 50% of the price is payable in advance as a non returnable deposit. (example bid for £300,000 – estimated time at £500 per day = 5 days. 50% = £1,250 deposit, £1,250 payable upon submission – total cost £2,500)
  • 2. A fixed fee at 2% of the value of the bid where 10% of the fee is paid in advance as a non returnable deposit and the remainder is payable upon a ‘No win No fee basis’ (example bid for £300,000 @ 2% fee = £6,000, 20% payable in advance as deposit = 1,200 the remaining £4,800 payable upon winning the bid.


NCF will quality assure all bids with the recognition that there is never any guarantee of success.

NCF will allocate an experienced bid writer to you to plan, design and write the bid in accordance with the criteria of fund you are applying for.

The availability of bid writers will be discussed upon submission of your enquiry.


An initial meeting will be required, to understand your requirements and agree the number of days the bid will take. This will be charged at the half day rate.

Subject to all the information being available for the bid writer for example; annual reports, accounts, statistics and constitution the following is an approximate guide to the timescales:

Value of Bid Number of Days
£10-£20k 2 days
£20-£50k 3 days
£50-£100k 4 days
£100k-500k 5 days
£500k -1million 7 days
Over 1 million 7 to 10 days

PQQ or Stage One bids
Funding rounds with a Pre qualifying questionnaire (PQQ) or a Stage One bid will be contracted as per the daily rate and the number of days required to complete the PQQ will be discussed at the initial meeting.

Fundraising advice
If you do not know which funds to apply for and wish to have a search done to give you a list of potential opportunities. This is charged at a one of fee of £500

If you wish to book an initial meeting to discuss a bid or fundraising advice please email with a summary of your requirements.

Our bid writers:

Yvonne Colebourne

Yvonne Colebourne has over 20 years’ experience of fundraising for small, medium and large charities and not for profit organisations. Yvonne is a member of the Institute of Fundraising, carries appropriate insurance, is a Social Return on Investment practitioner and a FAIR Programme (SEEM) Graduate.

Yvonne has experience of working with the following types of organisations:

• Older people
• Young People
• Drug and Alcohol
• Disability
• Sport
• Health
• Community Centres

• Mental Health
• Homeless
• Social Landlords
• Domestic Violence
• Offenders
• Social Enterprises

Grants secured include:

• Various Lottery grants including: several successful Reaching Communities, over 30 Awards For All, Heritage Lottery Fund plus other lottery funds.

• Statutory grants including: Transition Fund where the largest fund for the East Midlands was secured in 2012.

• Charitable Trusts and Foundations including large and small grants from £500 to £350,000 for single to multi-year grants

• Tenders: won many tenders from Local Authorities across the East Midlands and in London including: Floating Support Services, Mental Health Services, Supported Housing, Dom Care etc

• Events including the securing of celebrities, large annual events

• Corporate Sponsorship/funding including: Freephone numbers, production of international magazine


Adam Jeffrey


Adam has 26 years of experience that has encompassed work in the economic / social development and regeneration arena. Over the last 12 years, he has run his own consultancy practice which has provided direct support to over 50 grass roots community and voluntary groups and organisations, primarily wanting his expertise for bid writing and funding research skills.

Adam has secured over £2 million for community groups – mainly Lottery but also Trust and Foundation funding, landfill tax and other regeneration funding. He has secured individual grants ranging from £80,000 to £410,000 but can help you apply for grants of any size, from under £10k and over £1 million.

He has successfully led and delivered on over 150 assignments for clients in the public, community and commercial sectors over the past 12 years. The themes have included: Sports, Health and Well-being; Regeneration; Enterprise and Economic Development; Community Development; Neighbourhood Renewal; Education and Extended Services; Skills and Employment; Young People; Housing; Arts & Culture amongst others.

Adam has been an independent assessor for the National Lottery and the Coalfields Regeneration Trust and is Deputy Chair of the Nottinghamshire Pro-Help scheme operated by Business In the Community as well as being an active “Business Champion” mentoring community groups and social enterprises across the East Midlands.