Basket Brigade

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Each Christmas Nottinghamshire Community Foundation supports the Basket Brigade.  Run by a local Social Enterprise, Indigo Brave, with support from the Notts In Kind group and donations from local companies, families and individuals.  New presents, toiletries and treats are wrapped up for over 60 families in need in Nottingham.

Volunteers enjoy wrapping the presents at the Iona School in Snienton and delivering the presents the week before Christmas.  Children make cards for each named and write inside;

This basket comes to you from someone who cares about you. All we ask is that you take care of yourself well enough to be able to do this for someone else someday.

Given details from local charities and social services we are able to fill each box according to the ages, gender and personal needs of each family.

When ready our wonderful army of volunteers delivered each box directly to each family for a wonderful Xmas surprise.

To donate to the Basket Brigade this year please email:

Thank you for your support!