Status:  Open
Closing Date:  19/09/2019

Description and Criteria

The Thomas Farr Charity was established in 1989, following the sale of the Home Brewery in Nottingham with the aim of supporting registered charities, constituted voluntary and community groups in those areas where the Home Brewery had a presence.

Always having the wishes, thoughts and views of Thomas Farr in mind, a previous Chairman and President of the brewery, the main areas of giving are:

  • Education
  • Youth
  • Health
  • The Elderly

While the Trustee’s discretion is wide, as a matter of practice the Trustees have historically sought to support Charitable projects and activities in or benefiting the people of Nottinghamshire and the adjacent areas where the original business operated.

These include:

  • Activities relating to community healthcare.
  • Health education.
  • Lifelong learning projects helping people of any age to achieve their educational potential.
  • Community development by helping groups to organise and respond to problems and needs in their communities.
  • Organisations involved with personal social services who assist individuals or families to overcome social deprivation.
  • Social preventive schemes covering activities which prevent crime.
  • Community social activities which promote social engagement for vulnerable people.

Please Note:

  • The charity does not make grants to individuals.
  • The charity will not consider applications in respect of:
    • Loans or business finance.
    • Campaigning work and projects that are primarily political.
    • Activities that have already taken place.
    • General or mail shot appeals
  • The charity will not donate to activities that are the responsibility of the local health authority, education authority or similar body

Amounts and Rounds

The Trustees meet in March, July and November each year and closing dates for applications must be received by January 20th, May 20th or September 20th respectively.

The amount of grants distributed in any one year is at the discretion of the Trustees and also depends upon the income generated from the charity’s investments.

For more information please contact us on 01623 620202 or email

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