Mission and Purpose



    Every man, woman and child has food, warmth and shelter.

    Every man, woman and child feels safe and loved.

    Every man, woman and child feels a valued member of our community.

    Of course we hold higher aspirations than that, however, we know that we are all ‘only as good as our bottom line’.
    Our vision is to set the standard as a ‘Foundation for our future’ for every man, woman and child in our community
    Would you like to help us ?



    We aim to be the charity of choice for philanthropists and funding partners and the primary grant-maker for local community and voluntary groups.

    The ways in which we achieve our mission:

    • Providing expertise in revitalising local communities through effective charitable giving
    • Strengthen the third sector by assisting in sustaining, growing and promoting the great work delivered by small community groups and larger local charities in the City and County
    • Help those who want to give, to do so efficiently and effectively by maximising their donations, minimising the cost of administration and matching accurately the donors’ criteria with local need.
    • Provide a comprehensive and well-informed service for donors by managing funds and donations in accordance with agreed objectives
    • Bring people together from the business, public and voluntary sectors to make the best use of available resources
    • Continue to grow local endowments and our own permanent charitable fund – providing income to give effective long-term grant support to local people.


    • To provide excellent services for donors.
    • To generate new donor funds for our communities.
    • To grow local giving and build permanent endowment funds.
    • To help the most crucial community services and facilities thrive into the future.
    • To maintain operational excellence and be self-sustaining.
    • To increase the profile of NCF
    • To maintain an exemplary level of governance.