Useful links

    Local Giving
    We recommend you ensure your community group or charity has a page on the website. This will enable anybody, anywhere to donate to your group.

    As part of your normal fundraising activities some of your supporters might prefer to donate online and will save you from the concerns of volunteers carrying bags of cash around with them.

    It is a simple and easy way to fundraise and many groups have already received £1000′s from their advert on Local Giving.

    To get your group onto the site please go to:

    Every Click
    Go to
    Click on sign up
    Fill in your details to sign up
    Once you have done that make everyclick your home page and use it as you would use a search engine, i.e. Google
    You can also use it if you’re shopping online
    You can also just donate

    See our fundraising ideas A to Z

    View  [PDF]


    Mail Chimp
    They have all kinds of social features that help you get to know your subscribers and share your newsletters. You can integrate your signup form with Facebook, share your campaigns on Twitter, track subscriber activity on social networks, and more.

    Mail Chimp is Mobile
    Their mobile apps make it easy to keep track of campaign performance and add new subscribers anywhere, whether you’ve got an internet connection or not. And if you develop mobile apps for iPhone or Android, they have some great resources for you, too.

    Mail Chimp is connected
    More than 70,000 people access Mail Chimp via third party integrations. You can bring your data into Mail Chimp from all kinds of web services like Google Analytics, Highrise, Wufoo and Eventbrite. Easily add signup forms to WordPress, Shopify, Facebook and more.

    For more information visit: