Individual or Family – Setting up your own named fund

    Nottinghamshire Community Foundation’s (NCF) awareness and understanding of local needs, and experience in assessing local groups and projects, enables grants to reach those who will be able to use it well. In the right hands, even a small grant can make a big impact. You may wonder what you can do, what difference you can make. Sometimes the needs can seem so great, and while you may be keen to do more locally, it can be hard to find out about which local groups need support.

    There are various ways you can support all kinds of groups:

    Set up your own Named Fund

    This can be established to reflect your special interests. You tell us the kinds of causes you want to benefit and how involved you want to be. We provide advice and day-to-day management to make it happen. Click here to view Steps to setting up a Named Fund

    Leave a legacy

    With your Will you can not only provide for your family’s future, but also show generosity to your friends and the causes you care about most. Click here for more information on leaving a legacy.

    Support one of our Funds

    Made up of unrestricted donations pooled for several years:

    Acorn Fund 
    Goes to provide local groups with a small grant to support green spaces and green projects.

    Major Oak Fund
    Goes to provide local groups with a small grant in support of exceptional community welfare projects like The Basket Brigade