Local Authorities

    Nottinghamshire Community Foundation offers expert advice and an independent and cost effective way to run your small grants programmes and commissioning with the voluntary and social enterprise sectors. Our experienced grants team take care of all the administration and due diligence, with the design, implementation and assessment of your Grants/Commissioning Programme.

    With 21 years experience and over £25m in grant distribution NCF offers Local Authorities significant expertise on a ‘not for profit’ basis. We provide consultation, advice and grants administration according to the individual requirement of each authority.

    We specialise in grants to local charities (registered and unregistered), social enterprises and grassroots community organisations. With wide networks and an extensive database we reach organisations across Nottingham city and each district of the County.

    Central Government – We deliver millions through grantmaking programmes such as the National Emergencies Trust and attract new donations and local endowments through match funding opportunities as offered by occasional national initiatives.

    Local Authorities – We provide an independent mechanism for delivering Local Authority funding streams efficiently and effectively according to the community plan objectives and area priorities.

    Local Strategic Partnerships – Safer Nottinghamshire Board brings together the Local Authorities, Police, public health, the voluntary and community sector and NCF sits as executive member to represent the third sector across the county.

    Working with us
    You can set up a Community Grants Fund at the Foundation from £25,000. We meet with you initially to discuss the focus of your Fund, the geographic remit, the size and type of grants you wish to make, the kind of impact you are hoping for and the people you want on your decision making panel.

    Once the Fund is set up, we take care of all administration and due diligence:

    Set up – Devise the application form and guidelines.

    Publicity and outreach – Publicise the Fund through social media and our voluntary sector networks.

    Pre application administration – handle all queries on your behalf, support applicants if necessary and receive applications.

    Sift applications for eligibility and shortlist those for assessment.
    Assessment of all applications and produce schedules/reports with assessment comments. We look at strength of need for the project, breadth and depth of impact, financial health and track record alongside fit with your criteria and due dilliengence in terms of governance, checks on the group, safeguarding and other policies.

    Recommendations – We present you with a selection of assessed projects, with our recommendations/suggestions and conditions, from which you can choose those you wish to support. This is usually done with a ‘panel meeting’ where the NCF Grants Officer meets with your chosen officers and relevant portfolio councillors to make decisions.

    Informing applicants – NCF notifies all applicants of the decisions and any conditions, makes payments to successful organisations and where appropriate refers unsuccessful applicants to other suitable programmes.

    Monitoring and reporting – We monitor grant expenditure and keep you informed via an annual report on your Fund.

    For further information please contact: Nina Dauban, CEO, Nottinghamshire Community Foundation on 01623 620202 or email: nina@nottscf.org.uk