NET Coronavirus Appeal Programme


Type: Project Costs & Core Costs

Status: Closed






The overall aim of the Programme is to effectively and efficiently support local voluntary and community organisations that are helping vulnerable people impacted by the Covid-19 crisis.

Grants will be awarded to help organisations respond to the immediate needs experienced by the covid-19 crisis and to help with resilience and recovery.

The level of funding available to organisations will depend on the availability of funding and extent of need. However, we anticipate majority to be small £1-10k, with a smaller number of larger grants for larger organisations or those covering a larger geographic area, and those leading on strategic, coordinated and partnership work.


Eligible Organisations:

Voluntary and community organisations, including but not limited to:

  • registered charities, including charitable incorporated organisations
  • constituted organisations and non-registered charities
  • community interest companies and community benefit societies
  • parish and town councils (if the funded activity is not deemed part of their statutory duties)
  • Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs)
  • Churches and other religious organisations (if the funded activity is not deemed to be proselytising)
  • Other voluntary community organisations or those not constituted but deemed appropriate by the Community Foundation under this Programme would be eligible, with appropriate endorsement from the statutory body, charity, parochial church council etc.

Not Eligible Under This Programme:

  • Grants that are solely for the provision of bursaries to individuals or families cannot be awarded. However, other provisions such as emergency food parcels or other items can be purchased and distributed to their beneficiaries. For example, foodbanks that are low on supplies of specific items.
  • Individuals cannot apply
  • Statutory bodies such as city and county councils or health institutions cannot apply


Funding will be initially targeted at:

  • Organisations that support the ongoing needs of vulnerable people to ensure that their health and wellbeing is maintained
  • Organisations in support of activities that relieve pressure on local statutory services, particularly emergency or health and social care provision, or compliment their response
  • Groups and activities that support vulnerable people self-isolating (the elderly, people with pre-existing medical conditions etc)
  • Support for foodbanks and organisations working to combat hardship caused by the pandemic including child hunger
  • Community response coordination
    Organisations or informal groups that have been specifically established to respond to the crisis
  • Volunteer costs for new and existing organisations responding to the effect of the crisis
  • Additional costs of working remotely and adapting services delivered in the wider community
  • Additional support as required for emotional support, mental health and bereavement support

For example, projects could include, but are not limited to:

  • Support for vulnerable and older people in their homes, providing food and medicines
  • Funding for community groups that are linked into the hubs being created to coordinate the above
  • Special provision of crisis services for rough sleepers and those living in temporary accommodation with changed practices to keep clients and staff as safe as possible
  • Free takeaway lunches and online youth services for young people in a very disadvantaged area, supported by local volunteers
  • Non-perishable food and essential living and baby items for distribution to destitute refugees and asylum seekers
  • To reach (with support and information) local residents who don’t have access to the internet/smartphones – via self-care packages, coordinating volunteers and keeping the local ‘hub’ accessible to them.

There is no set Closing Date for applications, awards will be made on a first come first served basis dependent on the availability of funding and extent of immediate need.

The government element of the NET funding requires us to adhere to prescribed anti-fraud requirements please refer to our Privacy Notice and Terms and Conditions specific to this fund, successful applicants will be required to adhere to these terms and conditions.

It may also be necessary for us to contact you for the applicants date of birth as this may be required at a later date for post event assurance by DCMS, please refer to the privacy notice.

All funding through the DCMS element of the programme MUST be fully spent by 31st March 2021.

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