Well done Sophia, Dan and Becca – Team Basil Skyers

Basil Skyers London Marathon 2021

Dr Sophia Skyers, along with friends Dan Dolby and Becca Morris, took part in this year’s Virgin London Marathon in October raising funds for the ‘Basil Skyers Myeloma Foundation’


Sophia, Dan, and Becca received huge support for the challenge and raised a total of £7,137 and donations and gift aid continue to come in.


The funds raised for the Basil Skyers Myeloma Foundation have been used to provide the following grants:


  1. £500 to Swansea Maggie’s Centre to provide a range of individually tailored services in a supportive non-clinical space for cancer patients and carers.
  1. £500 to St David’s Hospice Care, in rural Wales, which provides palliative services and support to 2,000 patients and carers.
  1. £500 to Callum’s Trust, Scottish Borders set up by Audrey Graham in memory of her late husband. Callum’s Trust is a small charity but makes a massive impact providing practical and individual focused care for patients and support for carers.
  1. £500 to BME Cancer Communities, Nottingham, East Midlands, to support its work around early diagnosis, access to cancer services, patient advocacy, and addressing cancer inequalities. Again, it is a small charity but has extensive reach nationally.
  1. £500 to Belfast City Hospital Cancer Centre providing an extensive and intensive range of treatment and services for patients in Northern Ireland.


The Basil Skyers Foundation give out grants each year to organisations providing similar services and support the remaining donations will go into their existing pot of charitable funds for future years.


Massive well done to team Basil Skyers on such an amazing achievement!