On the basis of our needs assessment for Nottinghamshire we have identified the following outcome priorities for funded activities which will shape our work as far as possible:



Welcome to Nottinghamshire Community Foundation


To help build a better community you need a strong foundation.

Nottinghamshire Community Foundation (NCF) is an independent charity, set up to encourage philanthropy for the benefit of the people in Nottinghamshire. Our unique approach to philanthropy allows individuals and businesses to support their own specific local interests and causes and in doing so invest in the future of their community.

NCF acts as a “broker” between people who care about their local community and the wide range of voluntary organisations, community groups and local charities who do the hands-on work to make a real difference where we live.

Our Clients






The service provided by the Nottinghamshire Community Foundation is exceptional. They are extremely supportive of local charities, passionate about helping the people of Nottinghamshire, and tremendously professional. I feel almost certain that many smaller local charities would have ceased to exist were it not for the constant support, help and funding that is available through the dedicated team at NCF.
Nicci Robinson, CEO - SHE UK & MENding UK
We are only a small group, but the Women of Influence funding has enabled us to start to make quite an impact across the area.
Jill Carter, Pulp Friction
Thank you again for your very kind award. The fund has not only enabled me to purchase a variety of new materials, it has given me a huge confidence boost to push forward with my work and pursue my dream of becoming a working artist.
Connie Harrison, NCN (Joan Oliver Fund)
Sincere thanks for the invaluable support which is given to our organisation by the foundation through the administration of funds.  As a small team we need to make every second of the time that we spend on fundraising count as we continue to deliver our service and cope with increasing demand for support.  It is such a help to be able to apply through the foundation and your staff are always so helpful with any queries we may have.
Hilary Brown, We R Here
A big thank you for all your support, we would not be where we are if NCF hadn’t been there to help.
Katy Todd, Southwell Flood Fund